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Universal Ad Package (UAP)

The term Universal Ad Package (UAP) is an industry standard for online advertising that is primarily concerned with standardizing the various banner formats on the Word Wide Web. By defining four standard formats, it is intended to create a basis for the placement of online advertising banners that can be quickly and easily integrated into new or existing page concepts. The following banner formats are defined by the Universal Ad Package in descending size:

The Superbanner format has a size of 728 x 900 pixels and is an advertising banner in landscape format. Specifically, this means that the Superbanner is wider than it is taller.
The so-called “medium rectangle format” refers to a banner format with an area of 300 x 250 pixels.
This is a banner format with an area of 180 x 150 pixels, which can almost be called a square.
This is probably the best known banner format used on a large number of websites for the presentation of online advertising. With its 160 x 600 pixel format, this banner format is often referred to as a “wide skyscraper”.

Universal Ad Package (UAP) at a glance

Universal Ad Package offers webmasters and site operators the decisive advantage that short-term advertising campaigns can be quickly and relatively easily integrated into the existing structure of the website. The site operator does not have to adapt his web presence with every new advertising campaign and can react to advertising requests in the shortest possible time. If an advertising banner is not currently occupied, a reference to the advertising possibilities offered can be displayed on this free space, for example. This free space can also be used as a placeholder.

Selection criteria for the appropriate banner size

With exceptions relating to the brand itself and the brand name, the languages of the target countries usually differ greatly in terms of the length of the advertising messages and the customer approach. For this reason, the so-called“cross-cultural concepts” should also be taken into account when choosing the appropriate size of the advertising banner. An advertising banner should rather be created one size larger, so that the website does not have to be redesigned and reformatted when conveying the advertising messages or content to the different target languages or target countries.

In addition, the reading and viewing habits of the target audience should also be carefully analysed and taken into account when placing the advertising banners. Online banners that immediately attract the visitor’s attention by not having to be scrolled down first, but are placed in a prominent position on the website, have proven to be particularly promising. The four banner formats of the Universal Ad Package (UAP) are particularly well suited to meet the different requirements of banner selection and placement in a uniform manner.


Universal Ad Package (UAP) is an industry standard primarily concerned with standardizing the various banner formats for online advertising on the World Wide Web.

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