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Vemono is an innovative platform at Cloud-Basis, where online merchants and e-commerce professionals can market not only entire product ranges, but also individual products. As a comprehensive all-in-one solution, the platform accompanies online merchants from setting up their shop to selling the first item. The developers of the platform place a particularly high value on the lowest possible effort, low costs and an appealing presentation of the entire online shop as well as the individual products. The cloud service provides merchants with special marketing tools with which they can optimize the presentation and marketing of their products.

General information

The platform was developed by the two German entrepreneurs Philipp Kruse and Birger Krah. During their studies, the former students were already commissioned by various wholesalers to market individual products and product groups. Due to the increasingly growing business volume, the founding of their own online marketing agency followed. When the two founders turned their attention to online sales, they noticed how difficult it actually was to gear existing shop systems to the sale of individual products. Their reaction to this problem was Vemono. The goal was to develop a global platform on which individual products could be quickly and easily marketed on the World Wide Web. The online shop system received funding from the Gründercampus Niedersachsen, while the necessary initial investments were made by the founders themselves.

User experience comes first

The cloud platform was developed as a SaaS solution(Software as a Service). The platform impresses with numerous functions and features that offer users a unique user experience. For example, online merchants can set up their own blog. From this, merchants can market their products by linking to the individual products in the online shop, for example. According to the founders, this should increase the share of conversions, as visitors can access the products directly from a relevant and insightful blog article and do not have to search for the products in the online shop first.

Payment and checkout can also be optimized by allowing the platform to integrate several different online payment services, such as:
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  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Paymill
The shipping options can also be configured individually. Online shop operators also have the option of integrating the analysis tools from Google Analytics A and taking various SEO measures. In addition, online retailers can define their own domains via which the online shop is to be accessible. The integration of stores via the social network Facebook is also possible.

Responsive design templates

The platform also offers the possibility to create and integrate individual designs. Vemono comes with a number of ready-made template designs that online operators can use at any time to quickly and easily personalize their own shop design using a“drag and drop system“. Maintenance and servicing of the servers, as well as ensuring security and availability, is handled by the cloud system provider.
The layouts provided by Vemono for the shop design are responsive and can automatically adapt to the requirements of the individual end device. The cloud platform offering was originally provided exclusively in English and German, with plans to integrate additional languages and regions depending on the application.


The shopping platform Vemono, developed by German entrepreneurs Philipp Kruse and Birger Krah, represents an excellent opportunity for retailers to quickly and easily market individual products or entire product ranges online, even without special technical knowledge.

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