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Vince Update

What is Vince Update?

The term Vince Update refers to a change in the Google algorithm that has a direct impact on the ranking of major brands. The Vince Update was first introduced in the USA in February. A few months later, it was also implemented in Germany and Austria. The update primarily affects major brands that enjoy global recognition. The Google bosses described the update as a minimal change, while SEO experts speak of major changes in the ranking algorithm.

General information

The update resulted in search queries with obese Money Keywords led to results where big and well-known brands are shown higher in the SERPsas trusted websites. The SEO industry heavily criticized the Vince Update because apparently web presences that were not SEO-optimized were treated better in the SERPs than optimized websites. The Google-bosses justified their decision to change the search algorithm with the statement that big brands have a considerable value for people. The better known a brand is, the more likely Google is to consider this as a deciding factor in search results.

Importance for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Vince Update has had a major impact on the SEO industry. The Google engineer Matt Cutts, who was instrumental in the development of the Vince Updates, commented on it in a video. He said that businesses should try to build a brand. For small businesses, the update opened up interesting possibilities and opportunities. Those who serve a certain area of interest or a niche with their web presence can be classified as an authority in this area by Google and consequently be rewarded with a prominent place in the SERPs for relevant search queries.

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