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What does WDF*IDF mean ?

WDF*IDF is a tool used in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO) to determine the relevance of one’s own web content in comparison to the content of other websites. WDF stands as an abbreviation for “Within Document Frequency” and determines the frequency of all words that appear in a text and categorizes them according to relevance. The WDF*IDF formula can be used in the context of onpage optimization to increase the relevance of a website for search engines.

Calculation in detail


The WDF*IDF formula multiplies the frequency of a word in a text with the frequency of the same word in a relevant overall corpus. This results in the relevance of this word in the document.

The larger the document corpus used in the calculation, the more accurate the results.

Benefit for SEO

In the context of search engine optimisation,WDF*IDF aims to make the texts of a website as unique as possible so that they are displayed at the top of the search results by search engines for certain search terms. When writing online texts, however, one should not only orientate oneself on the WDF*IDF curve.


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Although other aspects such as

  • Tonality
  • Structure
  • Jargon or
  • Reading Fluency

do not play a role in term weighting, they are nevertheless important for the user-friendliness and readability of a text.

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