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Word of Mouth Marketing

What does World of Mouth Marketing mean?

Word of Mouth Marketing refers to measures that are used in the field of online marketing for the viral spread of advertising messages.


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Word of Mouth is based on the fact that people share their experiences with a certain company, brand or product with other people. Word of Mouth Marketing includes all advertising measures that explicitly aim to get people to share an advertising message with other people. This form of marketing can be used both online and offline and can take different forms. Some examples of Word of Mouth Marketing are:

  • A local seller asks his customers to recommend his products if they were satisfied.
  • A company builds its social media strategy to encourage users to share the company’s news with other members.
  • Online retailers reward customers who encourage new customers to place their first order.
World of Mouth Marketing

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Importance for Online Marketing

In the context of online marketing, word of mouth is primarily realized via so-called “viral marketing”. Social media such as Facebook or Twitter are primarily used for this purpose. The primary goal here is to publish content that users consider interesting enough to share with other users. To achieve this, there are different starting points, such as:

  • Publish content that adds value to the target audience
  • Collaborate with influencers in the relevant industry

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