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Since 2009, the German XOVI GmbH has been developing various SaaS solutions for webmasters. The company sells online software that users do not install on their own computers. After all, such SaaS applications are called up directly via the browser. With its Xovi tool, the company sells a corresponding online software that serves search engine optimization (SEO).

Company at a glance

XOVI GmbH offers a SaaS solution of the same name for optimizing websites. Their tool is an important instrument for some webmasters, who use the data to improve the Google ranking. This SEO platform, which customers launch directly in the browser, has been constantly developed by the provider since 2009. In 2017, the German company implemented a function to enable in-depth analysis at the directory level.

That same year, GmbH was acquired by global software company Plesk. The provider is a market leader in this field, with around 377,000 server installations, as well as more than 11 million hosted websites. Currently, this company, which acquired XOVI GmbH, generates revenues of around $30 million each year. With the SEO tools, which are still available, Plesk offers a powerful tool for analyzing websites.

With this unique Search Analytics software, users can gain important competitive advantages in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. -The provider about its SaaS software

SEO -Analysis at a glance

The application can be used for a monthly fee. Because it is a SaaS program, customers call up the SEO tool directly via the browser. The user interface allows the analysis of own websites. Third-party offers can also be examined, which is helpful when comparing with business competitors.

Among other things, the tool supports users in the analysis of keywords. Daily monitoring based on categories such as access numbers is also possible. Users can also examine important on-page factors as well as further links. In addition, the online application helps to identify and remove the dreaded Google penalties.

Xovi Functions at a glance

According to many IT experts, the paid SEO tool is easy to use. For example, users receive comprehensive information on the visibility of desired domains. The analysis of keywords is a great strength of the SaaS application. Users select these words using filter options to identify important terms and keep an eye on them. Changes can be registered, which often leads to faster optimization.

Users can also use the SEO tool to

analyze a desired URL based on a thematic ranking. In this way, users can see which content should be given a larger scope in the future. Prior to this, the application breaks down the website based on key categories such as computers, products or mobile communications. This should, at least according to the operators, facilitate a targeted investment in business areas.

Further analyses such as the investigation of Subdomains are likewise possible with the XOVI SEO-Tool. In this context, users analyse, for example, the competitive environment of a desired web address. The tool recognises important keywords and similar domains. The operators of the SaaS software state that the SEO tool can even detect the misuse of brand names.

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