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Y2K (Jahr-2000-Problem)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Y2K (Jahr-2000-Problem) mean?

Y2K refers to a computer problem that has resulted from the handling of years in two-digit number format in many software and information systems.

What circumstances led to the problem?

In the 1960s, developers had to use memory sparingly because it was expensive and in short supply. For this reason, only the last two digits were used to store years, such as 99 instead of 1999.

The Y2K (Jahr-2000-Problem) affected a variety of different systems, such as:

  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • User programs

What were the consequences of the Y2K (Jahr-2000-Problem)?

If the Y2K bug had not been corrected in time, the consequences would have been catastrophic. This would have been the case, for example, in the calculation of the duration, where the difference between two dates is calculated. The consequences would have been, for example, incorrect age calculations or incorrect calculation of debit interest for savings balances.

Do similar problems exist?

  • Year 2010 problem: At the turn of the year 2009/2010, an unexpected problem occurred. Credit and debit cards suddenly stopped working and e-mails were mistakenly marked as spam in droves.
  • Year 2027 problem: On January 1, 2027, the calendar on Hewlett-Packard 3000-series computers will not display the correct date. The reason for this is that all memory locations for the calendar’s data format will be used up.
  • Year 2038 problem: On January 19, 2038, a problem in the time representation could result in software failures. However, this problem should only affect computer systems that use Unixtime as the default.

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