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Accelerate your sales

The OM Optimiser automates your sales processes – for an optimal overview and faster closing of leads!

Especially for service providers or in the B2B sector, optimal lead management is very important. However, in everyday stress it can happen that some leads are accidentally lost or are no longer processed.

To prevent this from happening and to generate more leads, the OM Optimiser offers sales automation. Your leads will automatically flow into the OM Optimiser. There you can maintain and evaluate them. The intelligent alert system informs you about open leads. Thanks to newsletter integration, your leads can be used for inbound marketing and thus attract more customers in the long term.

Your benefits

  • Manage your entire sales process in one place
  • Save time
  • Automate your contact
  • Always everything under control thanks to the Alert System
  • Free app for Apple and Android

These are the features your sales team will love


Communication module

Lifecycle module


Document management

Newsletter link

Assignment of your leads to online channels


Without the OM Optimiser

In sales it is essential to keep an eye on the status of all leads. If leads are lost, this leads to loss of sales.
The OM Optimiser automatically receives all requests and categorises them. Open requests or unanswered messages are reported to you regularly.

In many companies leads are processed without a concept. There is no lifecycle process for open leads. The OM Optimiser uses a lifecycle module with which you can systematically process all your inquiries in the future.

In online marketing it is particularly important to be able to evaluate the data. With lead generation, however, many companies are not able to assign incoming leads to online marketing sources. Thus, it is not possible to judge which channels are successful and which are not.
The OM Optimiser enables you to do this by linking the necessary tools!

More deals, less effort


Stay flexible, use OM Optimiser on your PC or mobile.


Create email templates and automate communication.


Synchronize your CRM data with the OM Optimiser

Alert System

You will receive an immediate message when important events occur.


The OM Optimiser automates your sales processes!

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These APIs are provided by the OM Optimiser®.

Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google Display Network
Google Lighthouse
Google My Business
Google PageSpeed
Google Safe Browsing
Google Search Console
Yahoo Yslow
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OM Optimiser®

With these functions you save time in sales


The sales automation in OM Optimiser offers you intelligent lead management for a better overview of your inquiries. All inquiries (online and offline) can be created and managed in the OM Optimiser. Online requests are compared with analytics data in order to assign them to the triggering channel and evaluate them.

  • Overview of all your leads including status
  • Reminder of upcoming appointments, unprocessed leads and unanswered messages
  • Note for leads that have not been processed for 30 days
  • Comparative figures for the previous month / previous year
  • Overview of submitted offers
  • Representation of the probability of closing your leads

Communication module

The OM Optimiser provides you with a separate communication module for your leads. Thanks to this you can also view your e-mail history in the tool and prepare your messages directly in OM Optimiser. This way you do not lose track of the communication with your potential customers.

  • Own e-mail address per lead
  • Tracking if and when your messages were opened
  • E-mail templates, e.g. for follow-up and reply to e-mails
  • Automatic linking of your e-mails with the lead
  • Reminder for unanswered requests

Assignment of your leads to online channels

By linking to Google Analytics, the OM Optimiser automatically assigns all your online requests to the respective triggering channels. This allows you to optimally evaluate the actual value of the leads and the associated performance of your online marketing channels.

  • Evaluation of the origin of your inquiries
  • Comparison of the leads and evaluation of these

Further functions for your sales automation


Plan your activities like calls, appointments, deadlines, etc. with the calendar available in the OM Optimiser.

Document management

Cluttered drives and packed folders are a thing of the past: With OM Optimiser you can assign important documents directly to your leads, maintain them with different access rights and store them centrally - all in one place!

Key sales KPIs

Gain transparent insight into the development and performance of your leads. The OM Optimiser provides clear analyses for this purpose: e.g. inquiries per employee and channel, sales per lead and customer, comparisons with the previous year, forecasts, etc.

Alert system

For all important events concerning your online marketing, you will receive an alert email or a push message directly to your smartphone. This saves you a lot of time and reduces your reaction times to a minimum, even when you are on the road.

Individual settings

Define the settings for the OnPage Crawler yourself. For example, subdomains, user agent, waiting time, speed, ...


Read all the points discussed in meetings in the Customer Center area under the "Minutes" tab. In order not to miss a recorded meeting, you will receive an alert.

Your benefits of the OM Optimiser® sales automation tool

build expertise

  • The OnPage Crawler takes over the technical analysis of your website and shows you where problems exist and how they can be solved.

Save time

  • The OM Optimiser supports you in all technical tasks and even takes over many of them fully automatically for you!

Prevent penalties

  • The OM Optimsier prevents you from being penalized in advance and also shows you how to get out of it.

Avoid technical problems

  • The OM Optimiser checks a multitude of technical points on your website and shows you which screws you still have to turn and how!

Successful relaunch

  • The OM Optimiser will show you what problems exist on the site and what to do to achieve optimal results.

Work better together

  • Within OM Optimiser, thanks to Task Automation, everyone in your team immediately knows what they need to do. The coordination is done directly in the tool.

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the specific tool in question, the connection to the OM Optimiser is always somewhat different. With Google Analytics, for example, a specific e-mail address must be added as a user. However, the connection is quick and easy for all tools. Concrete instructions, including screenshots and videos can be found directly in the OM Optimiser. If you have any questions, our specialists will be happy to assist you.

The OM Optimiser offers you many online marketing tools already with direct connection, free of charge and without further effort for you. A few tools, however, are directly at your disposal and only need to be linked.
These tools still have to be connected by you:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Awin
  • Belboon

Yes, you can download all reports and data as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, CSV, XLSX or JSON. You can also print the reports directly.

In case of anomalies or problems, you will receive an alert immediately – via push message directly to your mobile device or via e-mail. So you’re always informed when you need to take a closer look at key figures or when there is an urgent need for action. Reports can also be sent by e-mail at various intervals.

Yes, you can download the free app for Apple and Android devices and simply login with your account. So you have all your data with you at all times.

You can integrate your leads into OM Optimiser via API, via an iFrame directly from your site or via a manual Excel import. How many sales people can work with the OM Optimiser? Depending on which package you have chosen, different numbers of users can be created in OM Optimiser. In the Free Version, for example, you can create 5 users, in the Enterprise Version up to 100. Details can be found in our price list (set link:

Advantages of the OM Optimiser

Cut costs

  • Low running costs: Get the online marketing tool with AI for as little as 39€ per month.
  • Consolidate your online marketing tools into one central tool and save up to 1.350€.


  • Find all important tools for your online marketing with just one login.
  • You will receive errors, problems and anomalies immediately by push and e-mail.


  • The tool automatically detects the need for action and clearly shows you all the necessary To Dos.
  • The OM Optimiser independently automates many tasks from online marketing.

Use the power of OM Optimiser – automate your online marketing, save time and money and improve the performance of your projects!

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