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Websites are under constant attack. Where there are gaps and risks, there are dangers lurking for your web security. The OM Optimiser© security tool provides shield and protection. Upgrade now!

Only one in four managers in Europe think their company is up to date on IT security (Forbes Insights, 2019). Our solution? The OM Optimiser©. It combines up-to-date security standards with artificial intelligence. With ongoing checks and alerts in real time.

If there are no backups in place, all content can be lost. The result is that rankings crash and you can no longer be found on the Internet. The loss of revenue that comes with this can be huge. But even if the website has been backed up, viruses that are already integrated there may not be completely removed. Even then, your website runs the risk of being crippled at any time. In addition, data theft is also a major problem. Especially due to globalization and the increased competition for the best ideas. And not least due to the increased tendency to work from home.

Website security is therefore essential – and yet often neglected. So that you can still concentrate fully on your projects during working hours, the OM Optimiser© checks your website continuously and reliably for all relevant security aspects. The enterprise security tool identifies risks and, if necessary, immediately shows you what measures need to be taken.

Your benefits

  • More security for your website thanks to AI
  • Many functions for maximum all-in-one malware protection
  • Effective and automated security vulnerability remediation
  • Over 100 test points
  • Ongoing verification of SSL Certificates
  • Personal coach with automated task creation and prioritization
  • React quickly thanks to alert system
  • Free app for Apple and Android

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The OM Optimiser® offers these security functions

Verification of SSL certificates

Malware control

Analysis of security problems

Coach for optimizations

OWASP compliance

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Alert system

Free app

Task Automation

Google Safe Browsing

Security score

Protection from hackers

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The next generation all-in-one security tool


The OM Optimiser Security Tool checks over 100 important checkpoints for the security of your website.


All analyses and results of your projects including project management - in one tool and with maximum transparency.

Alert system

In case of important events or problems, you will immediately receive a message via alert system on your smartphone.


Internet security is important at any time of day - and everywhere! Use the tool on your desktop as well as on your smartphone.


Your personal coach automatically creates security tasks and shows you how to implement them.

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The most important security functions of the OM Optimiser® are

Checking SSL certificates

The OM Optimiser automatically checks whether your website or online shop has a valid SSL certificate. This is the only way to ensure optimal findability and presentation of your Internet presence. If a certificate is about to expire, you will be notified in time via an alert system.

  • Continuous check whether a certificate is available
  • Understandable categorization of the SSL rating
  • Representation of the expiration date of your certificate
  • Overview of used protocols
OM Optimiser®Security Tool: SSL Zertifikate

Anti Phishing

Using data from relevant third-party safe browsing tools, OM Optimiser’s security tool can check whether your website has been flagged as malicious. If so, appropriate countermeasures are automatically shown to you.

  • Google Safe Browsing
  • PhishTank Status
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • ThreadMiner
  • Malware Domain List
OM Optimiser®Security Tool: Safe Browsing

Security vulnerability analysis

Security vulnerabilities can make it child’s play for cybercriminals to attack. OM Optimiser examines all the important aspects that ensure your website security around the clock. The security tool not only detects security issues, but also categorizes and prioritizes them. When action is required, the alert system alerts you immediately so you can react before hackers exploit the vulnerabilities. For optimal protection, the Security Tool analyzes a total of more than 100 relevant checkpoints – including:

  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Blind Command Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • Boolean Based SQL Injection
  • Code Execution via Server-Side Template Injection
  • Command Injection

  • SQL Injection
  • Out of Band SQL Injection
  • Remote Code Execution and DoS in HTTP.sys (IIS)
  • Blind Cross-site Scripting
  • Certificate is Signed Using a Weak Signature Algorithm
  • Cookie Not Marked as Secure
  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Elmah.axd Detected
  • Expression Language Injection
  • Password Transmitted over HTTP
  • SVN Detected
  • Trace.axd Detected
  • Unrestricted File Upload
  • Weak Basic Authentication Credentials
  • XML External Entity Injection
  • Active Mixed Content over HTTPS
  • Apache Server Info Detected
  • Apache Server Status Detected
  • Critical Form Send to HTTP
  • Critical Form Served over HTTP
  • GIT Detected
  • Invalid SSL Certificate
  • Open Policy Crossdomain.xml Detected
  • WordPress Setup Configuration File

OM Optimiser®Security Tool Analyse von Sicherheitsproblemen

OWASP Checks

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit alliance of companies, institutions and individuals working to increase transparency about security vulnerabilities on the Internet. The community develops freely available information material and concepts for more security of web-based applications.

  • Consideration of the regularly renewed OWASP standards in all modules of the OM Optimiser
  • Highest security standards for your website
  • Conformity with the latest OWASP guidelines generally contributes to more security on the web
Online Marketing Security Tool OWASP Checks

Coach for optimizations

Although more and more data is stored online, very few companies are concerned with web security. Even with a low level of knowledge, security optimisation can be achieved in no time at all thanks to the OM Optimiser. With the help of the security tool, you are not only immediately informed when security gaps occur. Thanks to the intelligent coach, you also know which specific points you need to address. Together we will optimize the security of your website!

  • Presentation of every security risk
  • Prioritization according to importance and urgency
  • Concrete instructions on how to close security gaps
OM Optimiser® brochure
Online Marketing Security Tool mit Coach für Optimierungen

Recent studies

Daily registration of more than 350,000 malicious programs (malware)

Quelle: AV-Test, 2019
Hackers create 300,000 new pieces of malware software every day.
Quelle: McAfee
On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.
Quelle: Forbes

8.4 million new malware types.

Quelle: GData, 2017

96% of companies suffered at least one business-damaging cyberattack or security breach within the last twelve months.

Quelle: Tenable

As a result, 45% of companies report lost productivity, 37% report lost customer data, and 36% report losses due to identity theft.

Quelle: Tenable
18% of cyberattacks involve website hacking.
Quelle: eco IT-Sicherheitsstudie 2020

83% of companies expect cyberattacks to increase over the next two years.

Quelle: Tenable

4.1 billion records were compromised globally in over 3800 reported data breaches in the first half of 2019.

Quelle: Micro Focus, 2019
The most common type of attack in 2018 was SQL injection at 51%.
Quelle: ENISA Threat Landscape Report

Other relevant security tool functions

Malware Control

You don't want to be the only one protected against malware. Potential customers should also be able to surf your website safely. For effective malware protection, we integrate third-party technologies and exploit the results.

More security with AI

AI-supported processes help the algorithms of the OM Optimiser to identify conspicuous behaviour early on. New types of viruses and malware are thus instinctively detected and eliminated in time with the help of innovative technologies.

Alert system

For all important events concerning your online marketing, you will receive an alert email or a push message directly to your smartphone. This saves you a lot of time and reduces your reaction times to a minimum, even when you are on the road.

Detailed view of risks

In the dashboard of the Security Tool in the OM Optimiser you can see all checkpoints for which your website is analyzed. You can also see how problems that occur develop over time.

Security score

In order to express more clearly how secure your website is, a special security score has been developed for the OM Optimiser. This score also indicates how serious security risks are.

Task automation

Task automation is linked to the OnPage Crawler, among other things, and automatically detects potential for optimization. The OM Optimiser immediately creates appropriate tasks in all areas and assigns them to the responsible persons.

Prioritization of risks

The OM Optimiser's Security Tool not only detects whether security gaps exist. With the help of AI, the tool also evaluates the risk that has arisen and thus helps you to organize To Do's.

Single sign-on

SSo enables local "one-time authorization" for all computers and services. This way, employees do not have to type in the password every time.

Free App

When it comes to the security of your website, it is often particularly important to react quickly. With the free OM Optimiser App you can access all functions at any time and take action from anywhere.

Granular URL evaluation

In a specially designed module, you can view the detailed safe browsing analysis for each URL of your website. If there are errors, you will be shown exactly where you need to start.


If you would like to address an important comment to one or more employees and/or service providers, you can simply link to them. This person will then receive a notification. This also prevents mail chaos.

User administration

To ensure that all project members are involved in important tasks, multiple users can be easily added to OM Optimiser. Assign different access rights and create up to 100 users free of charge.

The security tool of the OM Optimiser at a glance


No more security gaps with the OM Optimiser!

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Safety is important! The OM Optimiser is your partner here! You will know immediately when security gaps occur and can solve them yourself.


Your own technique can escape mistakes. The OM Optimiser is your backup! Don't give security leaks a chance! Thanks to AI, crawls are performed regularly. The alert system informs you immediately!

Agencies and resellers

Offer your customers more! More security, more performance, more transparency - so you can increase your USP and also create another source of income through a partnership!

Let others convince you!

With the OM Optimiser we have an online marketing tool that we use in almost all projects. It is international, affordable and we can easily overview, manage and optimize the entire online marketing. Companies can not only monitor and optimize their SEO, but also have topics such as brand protection, security and mailings on their screen. Especially in times of digitalization it is important to set up the online area optimally without much effort. I also find the app particularly practical, as I am on the road a lot and thus have a view of all projects at any time even when I am on the road.

Johan Scheid | Blantyre Capital

Especially in a network in cooperation with many service providers in different countries, the OM Optimiser saves a lot of time. You have one tool for different tasks and keep an overview of everything centrally – even when you’re on the road.

Alert functions and push notifications keep you up to date and inform you promptly when action is required. Another plus point in trademark law: the brand protection tool.

Désha Nujsongsinn | Freier Creative Director

With OM Optimiser we have finally found a comprehensive tool for our activities in the areas of SEO, SEA and mailing. It is a nice feeling to know that everything is constantly monitored automatically. Only with the OM Optimiser have we learned how often our website is offline. We also used the Search Console or Analytics far too rarely before. Now that everything is in one tool, this has changed suddenly. New insights were gained which were then incorporated into our online strategy.

Alexandra Weintritt | Geschäftsführer | Jet Ceuticals GmbH

As a handicraft enterprise we do not have online marketing specialists. Nevertheless online is becoming more and more important and every company has to position itself somehow. The OM Optimiser is affordable and takes the complexity out of online marketing for us. We no longer need 15 tools, but have everything in a cheap solution for about 35 €. We check our regional SEO rankings, create SEO optimized texts, send mailings to customers and check who is promoting our brand on Google.

Manuel Rudolf | Geschäftsführer | Abflussblitz

The OM Optimiser supports our fast growing company with digitisation. Thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and the high degree of automation, we save a lot of valuable time. Our employees are no online experts, but thanks to the tool we still manage to achieve good results. We can easily find new keywords, create SEO texts via the content mask and automatically see if and how these texts rank. As a managing director, I primarily use the app and I love the fact that I can always keep track of everything even when I’m on the road. For most important events the tool sends a push message. So I don’t have to take my time and actively study the tool, but am simply informed when there is something important.

Sven Salomon | Geschäftsführer | Klug versichert

We switched to OM Optimiser to give our employees from all countries access to the online marketing key figures. Working together in an international team has become much easier thanks to OM Optimiser and each country can benefit from the results and To Dos of the others. Thanks to fair pricing, all employees and service providers finally have access. I as the managing director can easily compare the performance of all countries and see what is done by which employees and where.

Martin Björn Thomson | Geschäftsführer | EM Group GmbH

The integrated approach of the tool is fantastic. Everything comes together in one platform. The OM Optimiser is the linchpin of online marketing for us. As a managing director, not only the performance – e.g. SEO – plays a role, but also that everything is in order with the website and that no risks arise. Here, the alert system, security function, uptime monitoring, etc. appealed to me.

David Hoffmann | Geschäftsführer | Creditreform

Your advantages with the OM Optimiser® Security Tool

Almost seamless website security

  • The OM Optimiser detects all relevant security gaps on your website and warns you in time. This allows you to react immediately and eliminate risks.

Personal coach for improvements

  • The OM Optimiser Coach is always at your side and works out concrete To Do’s fully automatically. So you don’t lose any time and know exactly what needs to be done.

Innovative security tool with AI

  • You can rely on the OM Optimiser: innovative technologies support the early detection of risks and reliably ensure the security of your website.

Secured against hacker attacks

  • The security tool of the OM Optimiser detects possible entry doors for hackers and alerts you immediately if necessary. Don’t give hackers any more leeway!

SSL certificates valid at any time

  • Many website operators simply forget to keep track of the expiration dates of their SSL certificates. With the Security Tool they will never expire again.

Special Security Score

  • The specially developed Security Score of the OM Optimiser ensures that the many analyses are highly informative. It makes it clear to you where there are still weak points.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can download all reports and data as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, CSV, XLSX or JSON. In addition, you can print the reports directly.

Depending on the specific tool, the connection to the OM Optimiser is always slightly different. With Google Analytics, for example, a specific email address must be added as a user. However, the connection is simple and quick for all tools. Instructions, including screenshots and videos, can be found directly in the OM Optimiser. If you have any questions, our specialists will be happy to help you.

The OM Optimiser offers you free of charge and without further effort for you many online marketing tools already with direct connection. However, a few tools are directly with you and only need to be linked.
These tools must/could still be connected by you, for example:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Awin
  • Belboon

Sure, just choose a certain interval and we’ll send you the corresponding reports via e-mai. In addition, you will receive an alert immediately in case of abnormalities and problems – via push message directly to your mobile device or via email. This way, you are always informed if you should take a closer look at key figures or if there is an urgent need for action.

Yes, you can download it for Apple and Android devices and simply log in with your account. This way you have all data available and with you at all times.

Promote the transformation of your company!

Save costs

  • Low running costs: Get the online marketing tool with AI from only 39€ per month.
  • Consolidate your online marketing tools into one central tool and save up to 1.350€.

All in One

  • Access all important tools for your online marketing with only one login.
  • Errors, problems and anomalies you receive immediately by and email and push notification.


  • The tool automatically recognizes the need for action and clearly shows you all the necessary to-dos.
  • The OM Optimiser independently automates many online marketing tasks.

Use the power of OM Optimiser – automate your workflows, save time and costs and improve the performance of your projects. This is Next Level Online Marketing!

Upgrade now!